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September 2015

I am not a professional welder. However, over the last 30+ years I have been repairing, modifying, and building electronic, electrical, and mechanical equipment. This has required using a welder on frequent occasions. I started with a stick welder. After several years I moved up to a mig unit. A year and a half ago I moved up further to the Multiplaz. My welds made with it are by far the best I have ever accomplished. Very strong and smooth with little or no splatter. It is also the most versatile welding unit I have ever seen. Being able to cut, braze, solder, and weld dissimilar metals with this single machine was one of the biggest reasons I bought it.

Two other features that sold me were its small size and weight, and its ability to run on 110 or 220 volts. Even on 110 volts, it penetrates the work deeper than any other 110 volt welder I've used. While no machine will ever be perfect, (there are consumables to replace and maintenance that has to be done) the resulting welds I get from my Multiplaz make it the unit for me.

Jim Hafner
Rochester Appliance Service