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Multiplaz Automates Exhaust Tubing

Multiplaz History


Leading engineers of the Multiplaz had proposed to use plain water for different kinds of heat treatment such as welding, cutting, soldering, brazing and quenching.

For many years the Multiplaz was developing the first model of this new generation of welders. It was the prototype for all further models. This piece of equipment generates plasma from water vapor instead of air. It has a wide range of control for temperature and pressure. Design of this equipment was so unusual in its concept and so simple in its structure that it immediately became a leader of innovation in the world of welding.
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It was awarded the Gold Medal at the international show in Warsaw, it received an additional gold medal in Brussels and the Grand-Prix award at the 26th Salon International des Inventions, 1998 in Geneva.

Multiplaz is the only company world wide that holds a patent on the technique of welding with a water-alcohol mixture and the only company that has perfected the process.
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As the Multiplaz continued to improve the design, they launched a more powerful model, the Multiplaz 2500 in 2003 to become the new standard in metal working. The increased power of 2500 watts allowed metals up to 5/16 inch (8 mm) thick to be cut.

The Multiplaz 3500 was introduced in 2008. This system is more reliable, easier to use and more powerful. The new composition of water and alcohol and new processing techniques for metal treatment have broadened the list of metals that can be welded with the Multiplaz 3500.

The Multiplaz 3500 can cut metals up to 3/8 inch (10 mm) thick.