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Multiplaz Automates Exhaust Tubing

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July 2017

Bosel South Africa – July 2017

Multiplaz South Africa Dealer Precise Trade has completed stage 1 of automating exhaust tubing manufacturing for automobiles. Africa based Cowley Manufacturers and Precise Trade engineers co-developed the automation process and it is preliminarily delivering a 2.5 times faster result. Expectations include ecological health benefits to workers impacting risk management costs in adding a healthier work environment.

Cowley Manufacturing of Bosal Africa is known for manufacturing silencers for automotive Industries.

Video 1:
The exhaust tubing utilized in the process was 3mm and 1.6mm prime stock commercial quality cold rolled mild steel.

Video 2
shows the 100% penetration with NO filler rod. Welding costs of this specific test calculated at 70% cheaper per meter than normal argon welding.

Video 3:
The stress test was bent 90 degrees and the welds passed 100%.

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