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Experience of Multiplaz 3500 Customers

November 2013

Dale Schoepflin
It does everything they say and then some

My background is in research and engineering and I have had the Multiplaz 3500 for several months. In this time I have intentionally pushed the 3500 to do everything I could think of. I have almost exclusively used galvanized wire for welding and the results have been better than I ever thought they could be. I have made some real "dobber" welds and then gone back and reworked them without the benefit of added filler rod and found that I could very easily make a bad job look good. I have also fused re-bar to form a reinforced cage for a dry well and found it went so fast that we added more than originally intended just for the fun of it.

Several local shops and business have asked me to bring the system by which we plan to do right after the first of the year. I’ve built a little lawn trailer using the 3500

and a half pipe handle to an old mortising chisel I use for cutting tree roots.

I learned the 3500 is a great brazing tool when I repaired a hole in the tank of my shop compressor. I love the heat control I have when bending steel rods and flat stock in the vise. I am still operating on the learning curve, but so far it does everything they say and then some.


Dale Schoepflin