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March 2018

Ok so we know Multiplaz really does what it says, so what are known reasonable barriers to not buying Multiplaz 3500?
Here are typical responses and how we can help you:

PURCHASING AND FINANCING is available through Paypal for 6 months with no interest and Time Payment provides up to 36 months wiht a micro lendor finance program. Multiplaz Yes credit is still a serious factor. $2495 shipped to your door!

RETURNS: If the unit does not do what we advertise, return it within 14 days of shipment received. Beware lazy owners you must read and watch training tutorial and make sure you follow instructions.

WARRANTY is 2 years, parts and labor and with a manufacturers 10 year life expectancy.


Dear New Multiplaz 3500 Owner:
You have acquired the product made by the Russian company, Multiplaz Ltd.
This Service Certificate is Multiplaz North America’s warranty guarantee on your Multiplaz 3500.
The appliance was made in accordance with TУ 3441-002-58445706-05, and has a UL/CUL rating.
The manufacturer (Multiplaz Ltd.) states the official lifetime of the Multiplaz 3500 to be 10 years, with a two-year manufacturer warranty, beginning the date of sale.
Multiplaz North America reserves the right to determine if warranty has been breached by improper usage or handling not directed in the Operating Manual.
Please review the Operating Manual for usage conditions of the warranty and view the DVD for visual understanding of your new Multiplaz 3500. We strongly advise you to read the Operating Manual carefully before using the system to avoid any misunderstandings or issues with your machine.
If you encounter any problems with the system, contact the authorized dealer of Multiplaz, from which you purchased, or contact Multiplaz North America at (855) 314-5551.
We are doing everything possible to achieve the highest quality to comply with the demands of our customers worldwide.
We appreciate any related concerns and/or recommendations regarding the improvement of the Multiplaz 3500’s performance specifications.
Completion and return of attached warranty card acknowledges your warranty and acceptance of all terms and conditions of the manufacturer warranty. Complete and return your warranty card attached.

Warranty Conditions:

  1. The manufacturer supports your Multiplaz 3500 system for a warranty period of 24 months beginning the date of sale of the product to the customer.
  2. The warranty will be voided if the manufacturer operating conditions in the Operating Manual are violated, including but not limited to:
    1. a) the signs of unauthorized repair attempts exist;
    2. b) the warranty seal is broken or otherwise damaged;
    3. c) unauthorized changes in construction and/or circuit are found.
  3. Warranty will not cover the following defects:
    1. a) mechanical damage
    2. b) damage caused by foreign objects, fluids and insects getting inside the appliance;
    3. c) “Force Majeure” damage caused by acts of God, fire, domestic factors, accidental external factors (voltage surge, thunderstorm, etc.), and unexpected accidents;
    4. d) damage caused by use of power supply circuits which parameters do not correspond to accepted standards and by other similar external factors;
    5. e) damage caused by use of non-standard consumable and spare parts.
  4. Warranty will not cover consumables or spare parts kit.
  5. Warranty will not provide for replacement of fast-wearing and consumable parts is needed, if such replacement is specified and described in the Operating Manual.
  6. Multiplaz North America shall not be liable for any possible direct or indirect damage to people, domestic animals, property etc. that the Multiplaz 3500 product would cause, when customer fails to comply with rules of Operating Manual.

When there is a problem with the device:

  1. Switch off the power supply and disconnect the power cord from the power outlet.
  2. Carefully read the Troubleshooting section of the Operating Manual. Our recommendations may help you to solve the problem.
  3. Call the authorized Multiplaz dealer from which you purchased, or contact Multiplaz North America at (855) 314-5551.
    If the problem is not described in the Troubleshooting section of the Operating Manual, do not try to repair the appliance yourself. Immediately contact Multiplaz North America; Do not void your warranty or potentially harm yourself or others.

Multiplaz North America
(855) 314-5551