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January 2018

Watch Clean Air Metallurgic severage of 1/4" thick Cast Iron, High Speed on 220v using distilled water. NO RADIATION & NO FUMES = ZERO POLLUTION. The best part IT IS CREATING OXYGEN AS IT WORKS!

This rusty old cast iron 1/4" thick circa 1936 letter press printing machine part from an old Chicago ILL foundry is sliced at a high travel speed for a 4.3 horsepower tool without the pounds per square inch of a large dedicated cutter.

Need a clean plasma cut, then slow it down!

Carmen Gentile says, " TIRED OF EXCUSES! Mankind needs to embrace the future, not be erased of a future! MULTIPLAZ has brought the future to this industry now to help the planet! ........Don't like the quality of my work, then learn to use it and do better cuts and welds with it!"